Say Goodbye to Dry Rough with a great solution of dry skin lotion

Nivea essentially enriched daily lotion for the skin that is very dry and rough. A daily body dry skin lotion that is designed to moisturize even the driest and roughest of skins. A lightweight body lotion specially made with vitamin E, sea minerals, and almond oil to dramatically improve the condition of the skin over time. It comes in a thick, milky white formula lotion with a large pump bottle for easy application all over the body. Made solely to protect and hydrate the skin.

About Nivea essentially enriched, dry skin lotion made for rough and dry skin!

This daily lotion from Nivea was made bearing in mind that there are some skins that suffer from the very serious dehydrating issue. No matter what they do or the number of times they exfoliate or visit the spa, they still end up with terribly dry skin that can be discomforting. As a lady or a man, having a skin that is soft is what many dreams of. It is, however, much more important for a woman to have soft and supple skin as this attracts men easily and improves a woman’s ego. People with dry skin tend to be self-conscious of how they appear in the public eye. They are not in a haste to give a handshake or receive one. You see them carrying hand creams or body lotion at all times to help keep their skin and hands soft for a period of time. For more details, check out the customer reviews

Something Important About Dry Skin Lotion!

In some cases, dry skin exposes the person that is suffering from it to quick aging. Very dry skin are more susceptible to having wrinkles and age lines as a result of a no hydration to keep the skin looking young. Imagine a scenario where there are two life flowers bought at the same time from the same source and both are placed in two different flower vases. One is filled with water while the other is without water. In less than 12 hours you will start to notice that the one with water is still looking vibrant and alive while the one without water is already showing signs of weakening and may soon die off depending on the life span of the flower. This is how having dry skin makes our skin look tired, worn out, aged and weak.

More about Dry Skin Lotion

Well, this is where Nivea essentially enriched daily body lotion comes in. It is made with a special secret ingredient they call Non-stop Hydra IQ that keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours. This eliminated the need to constantly want to apply a hydrating lotion several times in the day to achieve some sort of soft skin. The skin stays soft and clearly hydrated to give it a smoother feel and look. You may know what the most significant benefit of dry skin lotion is

Major ingredients

This lotion is made with petrolatum, mineral oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin and other secret ingredients to achieve maximum hydration and moisture.

How to use Nivea essentially enriched daily lotion for very rough and dry skin

There is no special way to apply this lotion. It is to be used daily as a daily moisturizer for those seeking to heal and provide solutions for their dry and problem skin. After cleaning and drying the skin, apply Nivea daily lotion for dry skin evenly all over the body. The best time is when you are out of the shower and when the skin is at its best to absorb moisturizers.

Fragrance: The fragrance is a strong powdery scent that makes you smell like a baby.


  • Tactically seeks to reduce dryness experienced on the skin
  • Gives a softer, smoother skin texture in no time
  • Improves the pH balance of the skin for a healthier and well-balanced skin
  • It hydrates and nourishes the skin and transforms it into a beautiful and more attractive skin
  • Contains major ingredients like Vitamin E, sea minerals and almond oil that are known for their super effect in making skin come alive
  • Comes in 400 ml pack that can last for a longer period of time
  • Contains no harmful ingredients
  • Very rich and thick formula with a revolutionary Hydra IQ technology to achieve 24 hours skin hydration
  • Gets rid of itchiness experienced with dry patchy skin
  • Comes with a pump to easily get the lotion out and can be set to lock to secure the content when traveling
  • Proven to lock in moisture, intensify the moisture, look and feel of the skin in just two weeks
  • Fair price for the size and effectiveness of the daily lotion
  • Contains no alcohol
  • A little drop goes a long way
  • Received award in the category for the Best of Beauty in 2015


  • Has a strong powdery scent that some people may not like
  • It is too thick and takes time to be evenly spread on the skin

What skin type can use this product?

Despite this daily lotion from Nivea is specially made bearing in mind that there are people that battle with dry skin and therefore provides them with optimal hydration when they made use of this daily lotion. There is no rule that said that anyone that wants to achieve a healthier and more hydrated skin cannot use it. So, all skin types whether dry, oily or normal skin can benefit from this product.

Our conclusion on it

We have provided you with the pro and cons of this daily lotion from Nivea to provide succor to skins that are very dry and rough. What we have concluded is that this lotion is rich and provides maximum moisture to keep the skin hydrated. We also love the face that it contains a humectant (glycerin) to keep the skin hydrated and then an occlusive (mineral oil) to make sure that the moisture is locked in. It is also very affordable when you consider that this cream can stay for up to 8 months. Some people may be put off by its powdery scent, but when you consider the great result, it provides, the scent might not be anything to worry about. Besides, you can always douse the smell by spraying your choice of fragrance. Where you find a good deal



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