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Health and Beauty At a Glance

Health and fitness is a necessary parameter for a human being. The whole life cycle of a man is moving round the physical and mental fitness. A man with peaceful life can enjoy the colourful and diversified life span. All creation and invention by human only come with physical and mental fitness of human being. The physical and mental health is correlated, if both are well off, the human productivity is maximum, though solely they are capable of delivering certain limited output. By a a regular indoor and outdoor exercise you can improve your health and fitness.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity “(World Health Organization-1946). There is argue regarding that definition, some one says “health” it can’t be defined as a state, The human every part of life they are facing physical, Eco-social and mental challenges, Health itself also a metabolic efficiency of a living organism. But it is generally accepted that health and fitness are fairly compulsory for a regular peaceful life.

The human should have the ability of facing to adapt and self-manage every kind of obstacles, It is surprisingly increasing that the health condition, not only depends on the definition of health or health science. It also depends on choices of individual life cycle or style and such lifestyle strongly effect on individual and society’s physical and mental health and also depends on individual characteristics and behaviour as well as on the health and fitness.

The different number of studies and report from several organization shows there are three key factors of an Individual health that keep streamline of health and fitness. These are as follows;

Lifestyle : Its depends on the respective Individual surround environment, education, families value, illness, personal choices and many others.

Environmental : Mostly It depends on his/her society and their state policies and condition, sometime such surrounding environment severely affect on individuals Health.

Biomedical : It’s also called as genetic make-up. A Different kind of genetic make up Influenced and greater effect on Individual health.

Some other factor such as adequate house, clean air and water, medical services, safe communities and roads all can be the greatest factor in different individual. Another key cause of an individual or society’s health depends on communicable diseases both viral and bacterial.

Mental Health


Peace of mind is quite desire of a man, which also helps to make fine the human health and fitness. “A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his/her own abilities, can handle with the normal stresses and life, can work effectively and fruitfully, and is able to make an involvement in his/her community” It’s the definition of Mental health By World Health Organization. Mental health is also not just the absence of Mental Illness. It’s an emotional and behaviour of an individual that strongly affect on his/her families and society.

‘Mental health problem’, ‘illness’, ‘disorder’, ‘dysfunction’. (Hungerford et al. 2012). Mental illness is a leading cause of disability all over the world , if we are not able to reform our society or state behaviours or we can’t able to develop our cordial and interpersonal relationship The mental Illness will become an epidemic very soon.



Human fitness is the capability of doing something with physical worth. So you should maintain good health and fitness program on a regular basis. Following are the some key fitness issues to maintaining your physical fitness;
 Allow and the follow the role of science
 Exercise
 Diet
 Self Care Strategies
 Build up Relationship among all
 Aware regarding Your Physical And Mental Health

Therefore, the health and fitness is an essential indicator for exposing the maximum capability of human being. So, every Individual or society or state should greatly aware and focus on key priority on our physical and mental health as soon as possible.

Minute Tips for Beauty Care



Maintain a day by day routine healthy skin technique for the best result. Whether you are getting results yet or not proceed with the application so you don’t break it.

  • Steer clear of magnificence items that guarantee overnight supernatural occurrence, deal with your skin. Great and safe excellence items don’t work that quick.


Coming to magnificence items, especially  beauty products we tell these basic things:


  • To wash down regularly and best done twice every day for the best result
  • To instantly apply a toner when you are finished with the purging of the skin
  • To apply a decent cream to secure in the dampness in the skin and forestall dryness
  • And to peel as successive as could be expected under the circumstances to dispose of dead skins that make the skin seem dull
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