Hyperpigmentation Causes, Treatment & Prevention.

Why everything you know about hyperpigmentation?

The Hyperpigmentation is the darkened scraps that appear on the different parts of the body. The body parts frequently exposed to the sun are generally affected by these patches. This darkening is usually seen on the face, hands and other parts of the body as they exposed often to ultra violet rays of the sun. By this common, abnormal and unexpected effect, the color of skin looks like a brown shed on the skin other than its surrounding skin that give an anomalous appearance as well as an unpleasant feeling to the person who is affected. The excessive melanin forms deposits in the skin by which the darkening happens to your skin.

There are some sorts of types among the hyperpigmentations appear on the skin of a person. The common form is ‘age’ or live spots that appear with sun damage that doctors noted it as solar lentigines. The similarity to the age spots is Melasma that is the consequence of hormonal changes. The pregnancy period and at the time when women take the birth control pills get more melanin hormone and consequently grow the hyperpigmentation on the body parts. Skin color change, injuries to the skin and grow form surgeries are such other types. Another type is inherited, that are small spots, mostly appear on the face and arms. And generally the lentigo, solar lentigines and the melasma are the common types of this skin darken.

  • The Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Following are the causes of growing hyperpigmentation

The exposure to the sun is the major cause of growing hyperpigmentation. When you go out without proper covering of your body or if the sun directly hit your body, the body skin gets the hyperpigmentation gradually. In heredity is another cause of this skin disease, sometimes your previous generation had suffered from this unusual skin type, and then you may suffer from this problem. Hormonal change is another cause of growing the skin’s spots. In different ages and period of time men or women get the hormonal changes and consequently face the appearing of this kind of skin disease on their body. Some certain sorts of medication by taking antibiotic or taking hormone treatment may cause a black spot on the body skin. And women need to make a seizure for baby delivery and takes necessary drugs that are a cause of darkened scraps of the body.

  • Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

The treatment of hyperpigmentation is quite desirable. Some common practice can give relief from this skin darkness problem and protect the skin. Maintaining general skin care procedure can reduce the chance of appearing in the skin darkening spots. Using an optimal amount of sunscreen gives a good result in this regard. Some certain ingredients of the skin care products able to protect the skin from harmful ultra violet ray of the sun. The hydroxyl acid of the skin care products is helpful to remove the buildup of dead exterior unit that are already discolored with pigment. The Kojic acid that is found in the whitening mask and the vitamin C serum are two effective elements for protecting the body skin from hyperpigmentation.

  • Prevention of Hyperpigmentation

Since the prevention is better than the treatment after appearing the hyperpigmentation. You should follow the bellow’s measures to prevent this unusual skin darkening. Firstly avoiding the sun exposure is the step for prevention it or you will of course wear a sunscreen regularly. Protect your skin from discoloration that helps you not growing the hyperpigmentation. Exfoliate your skin one to two times in a week if your skin is dry, sensitive and two to three times in a week if the skin is oily and this measure will protect your skin from any kind of darkening spot. For better result, you should use a cleanser on a regular basis.

Therefore, the hyperpigmentation may make your skin so darken with odd looking spots and the appearance of skin may hinder. A proper protection of your skin is quite necessary. It has various kinds, so for treating you must have to conscious whether you are taking the specific measure for a certain type of skin darkening spots that are converted to the hyperpigmentation.




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