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The indications of the answer are concealed into the question, Age Spots, When an individual become aged They may have some spots on different type, shape and different color in the various places his/her body, usually Its appear that area of the body where the ultraviolet ray of sun are warmed. The age spots also called liver spots, Why It’s called liver spots? The age spots once upon a time mistakenly believed to cause by liver problem, but the modern science proved that it does not cause of liver.


  • What is Liver Spots?

Liver spots (also called Age spot, Solarletingo) is imperfections on the skin related to aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. They kind in color from light brown to red or black and placed on portions most often exposed to the sun. Usually face, shoulders, hands, arms and forehead and the scalp it patchy.
The liver spots name from the fact that they were once in erroneously said to be caused by liver problem. But they are physiologically dissimilar to the liver, save for a related color. From the age of 40 onward the skin is less able to revive from sun exposure, and liver spots are very conjoint in this age group, mostly in those who spend time in the sun.
In the huge majority of cases, liver spots pose no danger and does not require treatment, though they infrequently have been known to incomprehensible the revealing of skin cancer. However, despite being a gentle condition, liver spots are sometimes considered unappealing and some people choose to have them separate. This can happen with electro surgery, laser treatment or cryotherapy.


  • Despite the name liver spots or age spots the doctor always don’t know what is the defining reason for such kind of skin problem, but we can mention some common reason we have known and observed.
  • Excess production of Melanin: Sometimes Its happen without any symptoms on your body. You can’t able to notice anything in or changing on your body or skin.
    Skin Aging: Main cause for liver spot, When your skin becomes aged, especially after,40
    Sun Exposure: Also One of the main reason for liver spots Is Sun exposure.
  • Other forms of ultraviolet light exposure: This reason related to any ultraviolet light exposure.
    Hereditary predisposition: Although Its doses not a common cause ,but Its also one of the reasons for liver spot.


  • The Skin or spot become light brown in the black in color
  • Usually Such Spot becomes painless
  • Usually on sun-exposed part of the skin       

The Way Of Prevent

Although Liver Spot are not so awful to treatment, but sometimes Its converted into the other diseases, even skin cancer, besides usually all the people want to remove such kind of dark spot from the body or skin, because they do not like the way they look.

Medication Or Medical Procedure

There are several medical procedures that can treat Liver Spots but every procedure carries a risk of side effect. You must ask to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about which treatment is most appropriate for your skin.
Your doctor may suggest bleaching cream to fade the liver spots progressively, these frequently contain hydroquinone with or without retinoid alike tretinoin, Bleaching creams typically take several months to fade liver spots.
You must wear sunscreen every time through treatment. Bleaching and tretinoin creams make your skin more sensitive to ultraviolet damage.

The Another Medical procedure for liver spots Include 

 Cryosurgery, which halts liver spots with liquid nitrogen
 Chemical peels to injure the outside layer of your skin, permitting the new skin to grow in its place
 Laser treatment to abolish the cells that produce melanin
 Dermabrasion, which sands off the outside layers of the skin so that new skin can grow in its place

  • Home Remedies for preventing liver spots 

There are numerous over-the-counter creams offered that are marketed for removing liver spots. Although These all are not more effective, but some of them are very much effective and less side-effects than the medical treatment.
Cosmetics do not remove liver spots. Instead, they keep them when applied. Ask your dermatologist, plastic surgeon and makeup counter salesperson recommend brands that effectually hide liver spots.

  • Recommendation for preventing liver spots

• Escape to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun’s rays are most penetrating.

• You Should Wear a sunscreen every day. It should have a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of at least 15 and hold both UVA and UVB protection.
• Put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Apply again every two hours, more often when swimming and perspiring.
• Wear protective clothing for instance, hats, pants, and long-sleeved shirts. These help protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. For the best protection, wear UV-blocking clothes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of at least 40 or 50.

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