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Product name: ProAge Cream Oil Lotion for dry skin from Dove

Size: This product when weight is 13.5 Ounce (400ml)

Type of product: A cream oil lotion for dry skin from Dove made of skins that are too dry and battle with wrinkles and age lines.

Product description: Lightweight cream oil in lotion form in tall burgundy container bottle with a mouth pump for easy application. It is formulated with  active ingredients that work on skins that are dry and age quickly. It contains moisturizers, rich hydrating cream and oils that nourish the skin and leaves it looking radiant and smooth. It also contains SPF 5 for that protection against the sun.

A good deal for Dove ProAge Cream Oil Lotion

Details About Dove ProAge cream oil lotion for dry skin

Environmental hazards, unhealthy lifestyle and undue exposure of the skin to the sun are some of the things that can cause human skins to lose its natural moisture and to be more prone to drying out. As a result of this, it becomes  obvious and also difficult to redeem the harsh effect such has on our skin. When the skin is dried out, it is an sign that all is not well. Although some people are born with dry skins or are naturally prone is their skin drying out, it is yet not palatable to look at. No one with a dry skin is proud to show it off.

There is always this tendency of concealing the skin under long clothes or long sleeves because it makes such a person appear older than the person really is. The reason for dry skins as we have mentioned could be as a result of some lifestyles that are not beneficial to the skin or perhaps hereditary, but the reason the skin dries out is when there is not enough moisture on the skin to get it looking fresher. Drinking a lot of water quite often goes a long way in rehydrating the body and by implication, the skin; however, the amount of water we take can only go a long way. There is a need for a cream that has loads of moisturizing ingredients to keep our skin looking and feeling its best. This is the reason behind Dove’s action of producing ProAge cream oil lotion.

They have taken into consideration the fact that the skin needs to get a boost when it comes to having a younger looking skin. They know that the skin after a while, especially as one goes into midlife and above; the skin starts to lose its elasticity and starts drying out. To stop this sort of age quick problem and dry skin, ProAge came into being. They made it for that skin that is extraordinarily dry. The ProAge works by renewing, encouraging or improving existing cell. That way, the old skin is getting rid of to reveal a more radiant and healthy skin that is alive. It quickly gets absorbed in the body with visible results in a  short period of time.

With this product, there is no need to keep applying the cream on the body all through the day to stay moisturized. What you will notice is a smoother, softer and healthier skin that feels wonderful to the touch. They boast of giving your dry old looking skin a silky touch in replacement of the dry and unattractive skin. 

Major ingredients: some of the ingredients that make this lotion very effective are Xanthan Gum, Propylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Octinoxate (1.25%) which is an active ingredient, Glycerine and many others. All the ingredients were made to heal the skin from dryness while protecting it at the same time.

How to use ProAge cream oil lotion for dry skin from Dove

The lotion is to be applied on the skin for at least two times daily without any need of applying any other daily moisturizers. It should be applied to a clean skin and is most effective when applied after a shower. This will enable the skin to absorb the lotion to keep the moisture locked in all day. Special attention should be paid to areas that are prone to drying out quickly or wrinkling, such as the eye area, back of the fingers, in between the toes, knee caps, forehead and any other place that is not looking its best. Apply the lotion to the affected part and in a circular motion, gently massage it into the skin until completely absorbed.

Fragrance: The Dove ProAge cream oil lotion has a strong scent.

• Contains SPF 5 for protection against the sun
• Improves cell turnover to reveal healthy, softer and smoother skin
• Easily absorb into the skin and is not greasy
• Can last for 6 months or above because of the 400 ml container that it comes in
• Saves you money in the long run
• Gives you smoother, healthier and silkier skin texture
• Comes with a pump to easily get the lotion out
• Has a lock pump that keeps the content in when travelling
• Proven to rejuvenate the driest of skins without side effects
• Contains no alcohol
• Mild on skin and tough on dryness
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• Can serve as hand lotion to soften the palms too
• It firms loose skin

• Has a scent that can be disturbing for some people
• Is expensive

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What skin type can use Dove ProAge cream oil lotion ?

There is no exception on who can or cannot use this lotion. This rich, creamy lotion works perfectly well for those that want a smoother, softer, healthier and silkier looking skin. It heals problems of dry skin and for those without dry skin also; it keeps them looking younger for many more years to come. All skin types: normal, dry and sensitive skin can all enjoy the use it.

What we think about Pro Age cream oil lotion for dry skin from Dove?

We have reviewed a lot of creams and have looked out for the best and with all the positive reviews gotten from people who have used this product, we can say it is one of the best creams for those that care about how their skin appears. You have nothing to be afraid of because this cream oil lotion is well tolerated, not too oily, has some sunscreen to protect your delicate skin and saves you money because of its large bottle container. We urge you to give it a trial and you will love what you will get.

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