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A feminine perfume that contains Iris as the key ingredient mixed with a touch of jasmine and orange blossoms. It comes in an attractive pink bottle with a ‘scarf’ (a leaf-shaped gray ribbon and a rectangular cap)to show support for women.

Lancôme has various products that not only pertains to fragrance, but also have skin care and beauty line products that have set them apart from the rest. It is not surprising when they announced the entrance into the market of the La Vie EST Belle Perfume that is made with women in mind. The idea to come up with a fragrance that is appealing, strong and yet subtle is what Lancôme achieved with this fragrance. Women have a nature that is subtle and yet firm so it was with careful and proper research and testing that gave birth to this fragrance. Often times, it can be offensive to go about the daily chores and activities of the day smelling awful and sweaty. This is more embarrassing for people that work in a tight environment and that do come in contact with various people from all walks of life. It can give a wrong impression of you as someone who is not serious about how she smells. Because a woman has a gentle nature, Lancôme thought of what could best depict the feminine side of a woman when they went into producing La Vie EST Belle Perfume? It is alright for a man to have a strong and a domineering smell as a result of the fragrance they are wearing, but for a woman the reverse is the case. A woman needs a fragrance that is calm, yet attractive, not too loud, but commanding respect at the same time.

Is perfume spray Worth [$] To You?

Le vie EST Belle according to the makers of Lancôme is for that woman who is ever young, who has made honesty, hard work , truth and gratitude their watchword and who is not tied to any social constraint and enjoys toeing her own unique path. The scent makes you feel wonderful and like you are on top of the world. You send out signals of an accomplished woman who is not afraid to take chances when you are wearing this fragrance.
Many times a lot of money is spent on fragrances with big brands behind it with a promise to deliver a scent that is powerful and well suited for women. Even after spending such huge amount of money, many times, some concerns and complaints concerning issues such as fragrance not lasting long even after so much has been paid could arise. Lancôme knew the need women have to smell sensual and yet innocent without an overpowering fragrance that make them appear like men. It is a ground breaking fragrance that is so unique and hard to miss. It stands out in comparison with other fragrances and beats the competition. It brings out the personality of the woman wearing it to make her appear a million bucks and very important. It has fruity tones and ideal for that perfect gift for that special lady. Its shape and size makes it quite easy to fit into handbags and purses for that evening outing or when you are on the go. It was launched by Lancôme in 2012 and has since gained massive patronage from both men and women.

The Major Ingredients

The ingredients that make up La Vie EST Belle Perfume include blends of

  • Patchouli
  • Tonka bean
  • Black currant which gives it an alluring scent
  • Praline and others.

Best time to use Lancôme’s La Vie EST Belle Perfume

This perfume is unique in the sense that it can be used as daily use from morning, evening use when meeting up with friends and loved ones, as a signature fragrance, on special occasions or anytime around everywhere.

Fragrance: it has an elegant, fruity scent of pear and black currant that last for several hours. With a warm base that is both powdery and gourmand, it also combines floral notes of sambac, Tunisian orange blossom and jasmine in the form of sublime absolutes. You can’t place your hand on the exact scent, but it is quite engaging and alluring.

• Has a clean and fresh fragrance
• Draws compliments
• Long-lasting
• A little spray goes a long way
• Strong scent yet not overpowering
• Sensual
• Sexy
• You get lots of compliments
• Makes perfect choice as a gift option

• Quite expensive and not for everyone

Our Final take on it

We took time to use La Vie EST Belle Perfume from Lancôme and also made out time to seek for opinions from those that actually bought the fragrance, and after so many reviews, we came to the conclusion the La Vie EST Belle Perfume is every inch worth its price for the lovely smell and scent that categorizes it. When compared to other pricey fragrances you will agree that the price is not so bad as many people point out. Some people may say that the price is a little on the high side and is not easily affordable. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to get the best. So, having said that, every woman needs a fragrance that speaks even in silence. A perfume that will leave a positive impact.

A perfume that give you that sense that you are worth a million bucks. This is why after much deliberation and assessment from users, we came to the conclusion that La Vie EST Belle Perfume is the next fragrance for women. The scent is so unique and yet not distracting. We recommend you give it a try when next you are shopping.

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